Survey Design Analysis with OMNI 3D V12, Calgary (AB)

Start: Thursday, May 24, 2012
End: Friday, May 25, 2012

This two day course is designed to meet the needs of any geophysicist involved in 3D operations (both land and marine), including interpreting geophysicists, survey designers, seismic processors, field QC personnel, and contractors. The course outlines rules of thumb and guidelines for choosing parameters. Example designs are presented and independent design exercises are provided. Practical field and marine considerations are addressed.

Topics Covered
  • Design Rules of Thumb and Guidelines
  • Evaluation of 3D Design Parameters For:
    • Anticipated Target
    • Desired Resolution
    • Offset Requirements
    • Migration Apron for Migration
    • Signal to Noise
  • Analysis of Design Parameters for Land and Marine
    • Fresnel Zone
    • Resolution
    • Attenuation
    • Geometry Footprint
    • Target Illumination
    • 2D Modeling
    • 3D Modeling
    • Synthetics
  • Field Surveys
    • Fold and Offset Compensation for Obstacles
    • Infill shooting
    • Fold Taper and Edge Management

Introduction to OMNI 3D or (or equivalent prior experience with OMNI 3D) is a prerequisite for the Survey Design Analysis with OMNI 3D course.

  • GEDCO Training Center
    1200, 815 - 8th Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB T2P 3P2

  • $850 CAD
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