Introduction to VISTA® V12, Houston (TX) - FULL

Start: Monday, September 24, 2012
End: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Due to high demand this course is full and registration is closed

Introduction to VISTA® V12

This two days basic training will introduce the student to VISTA V12. It provides an overview of VISTA’s tools for project management, data import and manipulation, and processing flow construction. By course end, students will be able to prepare land data for processing, compute and apply statics solutions, pick velocities and use flow commands to create a brute stack.


  • Create and managing projects, project settings and defaults.
  • Importing 2D and 3D datasets in SEGY, SEGD formats.
  • VISTA Dictionaries creation and editing.
  • Seismic Display Window (managing several display windows)
  • Sorts
  •  2D & 3D Geometry set up (using SPS and ASCII formats).
  • Geometry QC (Crossplot of surface consistent items).
  • Seismic Window display (managing several windows).
  • LMO Velocity definition, FARR QC for shot and receivers.
  • Trace Editing (Trace Amplitude statistics cross plots, polarity reversals, trace kills).
  • First Breaks picking, QC and editing.
  • Time Gate definition (Gate window, Mute window).
  • Signal Analysis (FK filter design, Frequency Analysis, S/N ratios, etc…..).
  • Working with the Header Window (Crossplot Displays, Header math, Header mapping and trace statistics).
  • Working with the Attribute Window (QC displays, Plotting amplitude statistics on surface views).
  • Refraction Statics picking, Editing and QC (Elevation Statics, Refraction Statics, Refraction based residual statics, True Surface and Floating Datum concepts)
  • Creating, Editing and Running processing flows in VISTA (Velocity picking and QC, Brute Stacks).
This course or equivalent experience with VISTA is required for VISTA® V12, Field Processing and QC  or VISTA® V12, Full Seismic Processing.
RAC Conference Center
1880 S. Dairy Ashford, Ashford Crossing Building II
Suite #220
Houston, TX 77077
$850 / 2-days 
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