Introduction to OMNI 3D V12, Warsaw, Poland

Start: Monday, September 24, 2012
End: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introduction to OMNI 3D® V12

Duration: 2 Days

Level: Basic

Prerequisite:      A basic understanding of seismic acquisition concepts.

  No prior experience with OMNI 3D is required.


Learning Objective: This hands-on course provides students with the foundations needed to use OMNI 3D® in a full range of professional tasks from field QC and navigation to advanced design analyses. This course teaches how to create surveys, edit stations for exclusions and obstacles, create scripts, and perform basic analyses. 
  • Project management
  • Create and Layout Surveys (Land, OBC, Streamer, VSP)
  • Create Scripts
  • Bin Fold and Statistical Analysis (Charts, Bin displays)
  • Common Midpoint and Common Conversion Point
  • Design Comparison
  • Station Editing Tools
  • Station Attributes
  • Plots and Reports

This course or equivalent experience with OMNI 3D is required for Field QC with OMNI 3D Layout  or OMNI 3D Workshop.

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Cost: 650
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