Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GEDCO Specialists to Share Geophysical Insight at Sercel’s Tech Forum 2011

Calgary, Alberta (April 12, 2011) –  GEDCO’s Andreas Cordsen and Dumitru Ion will be attending Sercel’s Tech Forum 2011 this week to share insight on GEDCO’s practical approach for estimating receiver statics in 2D/3-C seismic data processing.  

Held on April 13 to 14 in Houston, Texas, Sercel’s Tech Forum 2011 will bring together industry experts, contractors, clients and partners to learn about the latest developments in seismic acquisition, and to discuss innovative advancements in land, marine, and borehole seismic as well as microseismic.  
As part of the forum, Dumitru Ion, who is Geophysical Applications Specialist at GEDCO, will be presenting “A Practical Approach for Estimating Receiver Statics in 2D/3-C Seismic Data Processing”. Dumitru, who has lately focused on multi-component processing, implemented a versatile technique to facilitate the estimation of receiver statics for converted-wave data processing. This technology will be available in VISTA® version 11.0 (release this June).  
Andreas Cordsen, President & CEO, will also be present at the forum to participate in discussions on the latest innovations in seismic acquisition.  
Following the Sercel’s Tech Forum attendance, GEDCO will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming 2011 CSPG CSEG CWLS Joint Annual Convention in Calgary on May 9 to 13, and also at the EAGE in Vienna on May 23 to 26.   At those key industry functions, GEDCO’s specialists will be showcasing the most recent software innovations for OMNI 3D® and VISTA® versions 11.0.

Founded in 1990 and based in Calgary, Alberta, GEDCO develops, sells, supports and applies client-driven geophysical software solutions for the exploration sector. GEDCO's geophysical software solutions offer superior value and generate proven results for acquisition contractors, processing centers, academic institutions, geophysical consultants and exploration companies worldwide.
GEDCO’s proprietary software packages include OMNI 3D, the industry’s standard for seismic survey design and modeling, and VISTA, one of the sector’s leading 2D/3D seismic data processing tools. Both software products are complemented by legendary support services and training programs to ensure clients’ technical needs are met effectively and promptly.
GEDCO’s consulting services extend from complete seismic project management involving survey evaluation and design (SED), seismic data acquisition and specialized interpretation to gravity and High Resolution AeroMagnetic (HRAM) data sales and interpretation. Using its proprietary software products, GEDCO’s consulting services also offer Borehole Geophysics specializing in Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP), covering survey design and modeling, processing and interpretation. All of GEDCO’s service offerings take into consideration clients’ objectives and resource constraints to ensure that supplied outcomes are comprehensive, meaningful and useful.  
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