Gravity Data

Usefulness of Gravity Data

Small-scale perturbations in the earth’s gravitational field provide information about the density of rocks underground. Geoscientists can make inferences from these anomalies about the type of rock and the distribution of strata in the subsurface. The gravity method is an excellent exploration choice for studying structural geology because faults commonly juxtapose rocks of contrasting densities.

Gravity Data Sold by GEDCO

GEDCO gravity data sets are available for purchase across Canada.

  • Mackenzie Delta
  • Peel Plateau
  • Colville Hills in the NWT.
  • Ground gravity database for the British Columbia and Alberta Foothills.
  • GEDCO-flown airborne gravity surveys in the Foothills and excellent template example over the Turner Valley area.

Additional Services Offered

  • Quality control for gravity, airborne gravity and HRAM surveys
  • Acquisition
  • Processing
  • Interpretation services

Data Packages

  • Gravity data are sold on a station by station basis, so a company can simply request data over its area of interest and those stations are extracted from the larger database.