3D Survey Evaluation & Design

GEDCO's Survey Evaluation and Design Team can assist with the design of the appropriate geophysical survey to answer even the most complex geological questions to ensure that the data is acquired correctly.

GEDCO's Survey Evaluation and Design services are based on Mike Galbraith's (Vice President of GEDCO) article from the Leading Edge in 2004 titled “A new methodology for 3D survey design”. In this paper, Mr. Galbraith lays out the methodology GEDCO applies in principal to its Survey Evaluations and Designs (SED’s).

3D Survey Design Services

  • Survey evaluation & design
  • Post-survey analysis & recommendations

3D Survey Design Process  

  • Determine the correct 3D survey designs needed to solve your specific geophysical problems
  • Applying the necessary compromises due to budget, timing or equipment availability that make the 3D survey candidates workable
  • Providing the risk analyses to help the client decide which 3D design will be the most cost effective for his objectives.

Acquisition QC

  • Bid requests / Contractor selection
  • On-site QC / Parameter testing
  • In-field processing

VSP Design

  • Zero and far offset
  • Walkaway
  • 4C 3D

Seismic Processing

  • Processing QC
  • Specialty (re-) processing
  • Full waveform modeling